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Beijing Alley Adventure - Xidan East to Fuyou St

Beijing Alley Adventure - Xidan East to Fuyou St

Hello Traveler!

Early in the morning, we came to Xidan in Beijing. In Pocket Park, we recalled the old Xidan after the founding of the People’s Republic of China from the photos, which evoked the memories of childhood.

We also found the back house of the former palace. Although it has been turned into a courtyard today, we can still feel the atmosphere of the past.

Next we strolled along Fuyou Street next to Zhongnanhai. We followed the pace of the fire fighters, watched the continuous flow of vehicles on Chang’an Street, and savored the early morning of Beijing’s summer.


  • 00:00 Enter Pocket Park
  • 02:11 Enter Alley
  • 04:10 Found Siheyuan
  • 09:10 2nd Courtyard
  • 16:20 Bell on Air
  • 17:10 Taipusi Jie
  • 18:50 Fuyou Street
  • 20:35 Chang’an Street

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