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Beijing Niujie Hutong Trip

Beijing Niujie Hutong Trip

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In July, on a whim, we set off from the Niujie intersection to the east, along Nanheng West Street, to explore the style of Beijing in the old times.

We first passed by several ancient buildings with quiet a history - Sheng’an Temple and Fayuan Temple, all of which have a history of thousands of years.

Then, we headed into the old alley to savor the vicissitudes of more than a century.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:08 Sheng’an Temple
  • 02:28 China Islamic Institute
  • 03:12 Fayuan Temple
  • 03:58 Xizhuan Hutong
  • 11:58 Qijing Hutong
  • 15:31 Lanman Hutong
  • 23:32 Blocked Hutong

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